Are active ADF personnel required to sign in?


Registered Club Act 1976 No 31

  • Active defence personnel may sign in as an honorary member for the

day if they provide identification stating that they are employed by one.

of the defence force services. (Army, Navy & Airforce, and the


  • All persons who visit our Club must sign into the Clubs visitation register

if they are not a member of our Club as it is the law enter as per

Registered Clubs Act 1976 No.31

31 Manner of keeping registers relating to members and guests

30A Honorary membership of RSL or services clubs for serving and ex-service Defence Force


(1) The rules of each RSL or services club are taken to include a rule that any person attending the

club premises who produces evidence that the person is a serving member of the Australian Defence

Force is taken to have been admitted as an honorary member of the club for the day the person.

attends the club premises.

31 Manner of keeping registers relating to members and guests

(1) A register kept for the purposes of—

(a) section 30(2)(i) must include—

(i) the full name and address of each full member, and

(ii) if the rules of the registered club require the payment of a membership fee—the date on which

the member last paid the fee.

(b) section 30 (2) (j) in relation to honorary members is to have entered in it the full name or the

surname and initials, and the address, of each honorary member,